My Song Is Love Unknown
For SATB Choir and Piano  (4:11)

Neil A. Kjos Music Co.  (#9031)

This tender, yet ultimately powerful anthem employs a text by Samuel Crossman that was penned nearly 350 years ago!  Even in our day, these famous words effectively convey a precious intimacy with Christ, made possible by His remarkable, bewildering love.  It is particularly appropriate for Lent, Good Friday, or Communion but can be programmed any time of the year.

The choral parts are very accessible, yet the melody exhibits a memorable contour with a judicious use of leaps and steps.  The final verse, "Here might I stay and sing of Him my soul adores", rises to a powerful climax beginning with a strong choral unison, embellished by a soprano descant.  The music finally unwinds to a soft, introspective re-statement of the opening phrase, "My song is love unknown, my Savior's love to me" - sung with wonder and quiet awe.

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Music For The Church Year, IX




Italian Premiere!
February 11-19, 2006
("Un Canto Sei Per Me" - Italian version translated by
Aurelio Porfiri, organist at St. Peter's Basilica)

St. Mark's Basilica (Venice)
Florence Duomo (Florence)
Santa Croce (Florence)
St. John's Basilica in Laterano (Rome)
St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican City)
Santa Susanna Catholic Church (Rome)

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*American Premiere*
The Sanctuary Choir
South Main Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
Thomas Coker, Minister of Music




Notable Performance!
April 17, 2014
Broadcast throughout the world from Taunton, Somerset, England
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