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I imagine you're a discriminating musician searching for good music.  It's a jungle out there! More composers are writing today than all those combined from prior generations. Some publishers continue to publish fine choral music, but many are driven by marketing pressures and consumer demands.  We all experience the frustration of looking through hundreds of new releases, hoping to find one or two usable pieces of music....

From the composer's perspective, those who seek to write well-crafted, quality music often find their efforts to publish difficult.  A piece might not earn enough "bucks" to justify publication, or there are too many composers out there clamoring to get their foot in the door.  Many of us find we must spread our publications among many publishers, unable to maintain a clear profile for our music....

Music-engraving software, computer technology, and the internet have created a new age for the dissemination of a composer's music!  Now a "cyber-place" can be established, a dynamic online catalogue where music can be thoroughly reviewed, a "one-stop shopping" experience....

For these reasons, I've created Gladde Music Publications - not a traditional publisher, but an all-inclusive "umbrella" where all of my published choral music can be found, along with my self-published works and recently completed titles.   Here, you can see and hear all of my choral selections.  At your convenience, you can order copies from a specific publisher or from your favorite music supplier.  If the music has a GMP catalogue number, please order directly from me - -

Gladde Music Publications

Thanks for locating my site.... please bookmark this location, and visit often for new releases and other items of interest!

~ Brad Nelson