O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (Arr.)
For SATB Choir, Organ, and Optional Cello   (3'45")

Concordia Publishing House (#98-3644)

This fresh arrangement is unique with its solo Cello obbligato, imparting a mournful, human-like character which expresses the anguish of Christ's Passion. The text-painting is sublime with sensitive support from the organ.

Non-musical factors led to the creation of this arrangement.  When the composer (as conductor) contracted orchestras to present major works with his church choir, he often hired Diana Elledge (see the dedication below) as Principal Cello.  He was unaware that she was the Managing Editor for the Neil A. Kjos Music Company!  Later, when he began to pursue composition on a full-time basis, he contacted Diana to thank her for her years of contribution as an orchestra player.  She invited him to submit choral works to the Kjos Company for publication.  After a number of successful publications with Kjos, Diana asked one day, "When are you going to write something for choir, keyboard, and cello?"  The composer created this arrangement out of gratitude for Diana's encouragement and her talents as a cellist.  

Thank you, Diana!




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Recommended Literature in the MUSIC AND WORSHIP READING SESSION at the ACDA National Convention,San Antonio 2001


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