Follow That Dream
Vol. 4 - October 7, 1999

I was in San Antonio in 1993, attending the ACDA Convention.  I encountered a friend I hadn't seen since we sang together in our high school choir.  She was now actively involved as a choral director in Louisville, KY.  

Lola is a bright, enthusiastic, and optimistic person.  When she speaks about her love of music, it's infectious!  My wife and I enjoyed attending concerts, eating meals, and hanging out with Lola. We shared our dreams and future hopes as choral musicians.

For some time, I had been contemplating leaving the secure and busy life of a music director in a large church.  My dream was to spend all my time writing choral music.  The persistent demands of my position made it impossible to make headway in my efforts to compose.  

As we spoke with Lola over lunch, she responded to my "foolhardy notion" with encouragement.  As we browsed through the RiverWalk stores before the next concert session, we came across the poster on the left (<).  That was 6 years ago....now my days are filled writing choral music!

Thank you, Lola!!

~ Brad Nelson


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