Frog Song
For Three Part Treble Voices, a cappella    (1'40")

Neil A. Kjos Music Co. (#6277)

There once was a frog named Humongous
Who came, and was singing among us;
He often sang flat
So we told him that
If he couldn't raise pitch, "He'd be fungus!"

                                               ~ by Brad Nelson

This limerick, written by the composer, illustrates why he deliberately avoids writing his own lyrics!  In this case, the creative impulse was unavoidable!!  In Brad's own words;

"The inspiration for the text of Frog Song spontaneously arose -- immediately after I had directed an a cappella anthem in a worship service.. The choir sang flat on the anthem (a universal pitfall in the choral profession), so in retaliation, I was moved by self-pity to write this limerick.  The poem was tucked away, having accomplished its purpose of providing me some therapeutical recovery.  Years later, upon hearing a wonderfully animated concert by an outstanding community children's chorus, the music literally sang its way up from the dirt!" 

In addition to providing literature for the ever-growing children's choir movement, this piece is well-suited to advanced women's choruses of all ages, still searching for their prince!

You must see this photo a friend sent from her driveway in Indianapolis!




Notable Performance!

Ellie Calkin's Opera House
Denver, Colorado
Deborah DeSantis, Director


Pike High School Treble Choir - Indianapolis, IN

Colorado Children's Chorale
Denver, Colorado
Deborah DeSantis, Artistic Director
(The composer granted permission to add an improvised piano part!)

International Premieres!
March 1-10, 2006
Spain  (Terrassa, Pals)
France  (Montelimar, Gassin, Puget-sur-Argens, Cavalaire, Aubagne, Saint Maximin)
...and also for the
Dedication of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, Colorado

(Copies available from Kjos Music, 1-800-854-1592)


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Women's Ensemble
Poway High School Choral Department
Poway, California
Barbara Fletcher, Director



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Notable Broadcast!
November 14, 2013 - Broadcast throughout the world from Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom.  Click here for more information.